Woden Folk-Religion

The Woden Folk-Religion or Wodenism is part of the overall Odinist, Wotanist, Asatru movement that is Folkish in essence and form, though we do not follow the more ‘universalist’ forms that are not Race-Conscious but suggest that anyone can take up this religion. Wodenism is Race-Conscious because we believe that race has importance in this world especially in view of the destruction of our Folk that has taken place due to two devastating world wars and the alienation of our Nation. It is the most natural thing in the world to fight for the survival of one’s own kind.

There is one major difference between Wodenism and the other forms of Northern Heathenism and that is that we reject the old form of Odin hanging upon the World Tree in favour of his resurrection in the form of Wid-Ar the Avenging Son who is the one we know as He-Who-Returns – for he is the Last Avatar and Incarnation of Woden (as the ‘Son’) upon the Earth. His return – riding a White Horse – heralds the final conflict against the Evil Forces that today hold the world in thraldom. We also call this figure by two other titles –

The Hooded Man


This figure is the Resurrection of the Fool who is the Son of the Widow and we can find this archetypal myth in Hamlet, the figure of Parsifal in the Gral Mythos, and in various other forms of The Divine Fool. This is the figure that is resurrected in the spring and heralds the New Dawn. He is the ‘Beginning and the End’ or the ‘First and the Last’ and he is also associated with the Divine Twins. These are like two figures that are combined into one.

Much of the work that we have done has run parallel to the work of Don Miguel Serrano; indeed we have even been accused of plagiarism due to this. Our work has been done from a totally different angle but comes up with the same results – though ours centres around the Northern Lands and Miguel Serrano’s around the Southern Lands. After study of his work ours developed along the same lines so as to further prove the validity of the work. The idea that a Heroic God-Man appears at the end of a cycle and is resurrected at the beginning of a new cycle is the subject of so many mythologies that it would seem proven, yet this is not so and there are many who reject this idea, even though history itself proves its truth. Norse Mythology itself clearly tells how Odin walked the world with men, and how Heimdall incarnated in human form (God-Man), sent by the gods to revive the Divine Order of Caste. It also prophecies that after the incarnation of Heimdall there would come ‘an e’en Greater One’ – this we know as Wid-Ar.

The events of World War I and World War II prove beyond doubt that these were Holy Wars fought between the Gods and the Jotun, and that history is linked to mythical events, no matter what historians would have us believe. Just like the great wars told of in the Ramayana and the Mahabharata these two devastating world wars of the Twentieth Century, wars between brother-nations of Europe, were part of the mythological and archetypal cycles.

Like Miguel Serrano and Julius Evola we believe that in our era biological race and biological blood has given way to spiritual race and spiritual blood, and that this is now fought on a different level. Hence the need for a Spiritual Revolution and the awakening of the English Nation that will serve a Higher Destiny and not just as the means to an end – which is the aim of English Nationalism in its Civic Nationalist form.

Wodenism is not ‘nationalism’ in any form since it transcends this, as it transcends the false ‘left-right’ divide that splits a nation. Neither has it anything to do with ‘White Supremacy’ nor any form of ‘Hollywood Nazism’ – even though we are portrayed in this light as part of the smear-tactics used to ridicule any serious group or movement. Neither is it ‘fascist’ as some would call us, for this was an Italian regenerative form and then not a Heathen Religion. Wodenism is a Folkish Heathen Religion.

Woden’s Folk believes in a serious study of the truth and that in our era the truth has been turned into lies so as to deceive our Folk. It is our aim to awaken the Will of the Folk which will awaken the Inner Being of our Folk to a Higher Destiny – the Resurrection of the Hero (the ‘Vira’ of Miguel Serrano). We believe in a past Golden Age when Man walked with the Shining Ones (Gods) as God-Men, and that our race ‘fell’ into materialism but the Divine Spark of the Heroes still pulses through the Sacred Blood of certain of our Folk, and can be reawakened once more to create the God-Man.