Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Welcome to Woden’s Folk which publishes the Sword of Wayland and the Spear of Woden promoting the Woden Folk-Religion or Wodenism. Woden’s Folk concentrates on the publishing outlet for the magazines and for other Wodenist Literature of interest to all Germanic Heathens. But we also act as the Spiritual Centre for Wodenists here in England and our work is available to our Folk wherever they have settled.

Acting now as a publishing outlet, Woden’s Folk will be built up into a far more efficient means of distributing our work through the magazines and leaflets. Thus we shall be able to get the word out to more people as we build up this new venture. Our magazine distribution should become far more efficient than it was before this change, so we hope not to let people down in the future.

Woden’s Folk will remain the central contact for those who wish to become active within the Woden Folk-Religion and we can guide interested and dedicated Wodenists into active work. We shall retain contact with various groups and individuals. Our magazines are there for our Folk to gain some insight into Wodenism, which starts them on the way towards more active work.

Wodenism is a Folkish Religion and is tied to the overall Folkish Movement here in England. This Folkish Movement started during the years between World War I and World War II and was not confined to Germany, but arose in many European countries as a backlash to the growing materialism of the world – a growth that has spread throughout the world today.

Woden’s Folk is a Religious Order and has nothing to do with politics, culture or any other part of the struggle – we leave that to others. Our prime aim is to create an English Awakening through a revival of the Saxon Nation which will be done through the Inner Order of Irminism. We believe in a European Imperium which can be built through a Europe of the Free Nations breaking free of the European Union and the New World Order. We have no time for the narrow-minded ‘nationalism’ that would plunge our nations into World War III, but we do believe in the Nation-State as the basic unit within the European Imperium.

It is through a Spiritual Revolution and the creation of a new Folk-Religion that an English Awakening can be achieved. The problem lies in the gross materialism of the modern society, so a Spiritual Revolution is the only means to break free of the chains of materialism. We see both Capitalism and Global Socialism as the twin arms of the New World Order, and neither of these can exist without the other. We reject the slave-religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam – all of which ‘convert’ by force and by oppression, and choose to return to our own organic Folk-Religion and Ur-Religion which we today call Wodenism.  We reject these religions which are based upon the idea of the domination of Nature and the Earth, for we believe in a working harmony with Nature and the Cosmic Forces. The dominant religions of the world and the forces of materialism have brought the Earth to the brink of destruction and we need to get back to a more natural way of life through a natural religion.

Wodenism is now a totally decentralised religious movement guided from the Sacred Centre by Woden’s Folk. Ours is not a ‘pyramid’ structure, but like a circle whose central point radiates outwards guiding the whole. There is no official ‘organisation’ but we are still a ‘movement’ since this is a religion that needs to be spread to our Folk, attracting those who hear the Call of the Blood. This is a Folkish Movement not only in the essence of our racial religion, but also in the sense of the spiritual movement that is the essence of the Folkish Movement made up of those who wish an alternative lifestyle and a back-to-the-land drive in opposition to the stale form of uniform materialistic society of today, where the cities murder the soul of our Folk.

We are waging a Cosmic War against the Forces of Chaos, Darkness and Matter – the Jotun – who create chaos and disorder. It is the mighty god Thor (Thunor) who wields his hammer against the enemies of the Gods and of Men. It is Woden who wields the power of the Nine Glory Twigs (Runes) against the Serpent of Evil that has taken control of the  world. This is a Cosmic War and those who lead the great battle are the Einheriar whose lives are lived as an Archetypal Myth and who are incarnated in human form to continue the struggle throughout the ages. In order to wage such a struggle it is necessary to raise such a ‘war’ to a Holy War which is what the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings did, though only the heroic leaders knew the Wyrd they were weaving. History tells us that these were mere ‘invaders’ but this misunderstands the whole essence of the struggles that our ancestors undertook – struggles against the Jotun and the spreading of Judaeo-Christianity throughout Europe.

It is thus important that Wodenism is a Warrior Religion and this can only be spread through a Warrior Order. Wodenism is thus a Warrior Order as well as a Nature-Religion and must thus attract the strong rather than the weak and meek. Strength does not always imply physical strength, it is more a strength of Will for the weak and meek can only fall away from the struggle through lack of Will. What Wodenism needs is Spiritual Warriors and the most effective form of warrior will be the one who is a fusion of strength and intelligence – the Intelligent Fighter!

The means that we can build the Spiritual Warrior is through the revival of the ancient Germanic Mannerbunde – the Cultic Warrior. It is important to understand the concept of the Warrior (Beorn) since this is a far different concept that the modern ideas of warfare, where people are paid to fight. The Warrior is one who fights for an ideology and for ideals, and not for ‘pay’. He is thus a Holy Warrior waging a Holy War. This (as we shall show) is the concept of Valhalla which is the resting-place of the Einheriar who are the Archetypal Heroes who are resurrected in different eras to take up the Holy War. This is why only the Warrior-Heroes find their place in Valhalla, for it is they who lead the Holy Wars and they are the Warrior-Heroes who fight for an ideology and for higher ideals.

Wodenism is a life-style and not just a ‘religion’ in the sense most people know it as – it has its own weltanshauung, its own ideology and its own higher ideals. We have decided to call it either the Woden Folk-Religion or as Wodenism for short. This is for the Wolves amongst the Sheep.