The role of Woden's Folk

Woden’s Folk was formed on April 23rd 1998 at which time the Folk-Religion known as Wodenism was revived here in England. Prior to this an English version of the Northern Faith did not exist as such in England. This new revival had several aims –

To create a new Folkish Religion suited to the new world-age (Age of Ing), one based around the new archetype of the Crowned and Avenging Son – Wid-Ar the Avenger.

To prepare the way for the coming Aryan Avatar – Wid-Ar/Helgi/The Hooded Man – through the creation of a new Folk-Religion and Warrior Order that would attract our Folk through the Call of the Blood.

To continue the Eternal Cosmic War against the Forces of Chaos and Darkness as the Folk of the Light-Born and the Shining Ones.

To work for the Resurrection of the Wera – the Solar Warrior – of the ‘Hero’, through which the Light of the Black Sun pulses.

To awaken the English Folk to their High Destiny through the creation of the new Woden Folk-Religion. To reinstate that mystical link between the Blood and Soil – through the Blood of the Saxon Nation, and the soil of England.

In these respects our aims have never changed, and we have stayed on track ever since our formation in 1998. This role will now concentrate more upon the publication of our magazines, but this is not done just for the sake of it, since it entails a switch in our role to one of the Centre for Ideas. It has often been said that you can kill people, but you cannot kill ideas. And this is most certainly true. Ideas are like seeds which need the right conditions and the right time to germinate. An idea can only be fulfilled when its time is right. This is the point of the reasoning for a new type of Warrior of Woden whose role is not just that of physical strength but also of intelligence, since thought always precedes action. Every action follows a thought, whether that is conscious thought or unconscious thought, and this being so we need people who can think, who can come up with new ideas. These ideas will form the basis of a Spiritual Movement that will create an English Awakening – which will not be achieved by physical strength alone! That physical force must first be produced as an ‘idea’.

So this is the role of the Sword of Wayland and the Spear of Woden – to produce ideas, and to create a Weltanshauung suited to the Cosmic Struggle that we undertake. The strength and power of Thor (Thunor) is not enough to achieve the final victory, since we also need the cunning of the Cunning-Man – Woden. Thor slays the World Serpent, but it is Woden who breaks the Evil Serpent into nine pieces – i.e. he breaks up the power inherent in the wholeness of the Evil Serpent, so that Thor may do his work with his Mighty Hammer. We certainly need Warriors, but we also need those with the intelligence of ideas – combine the both in one individual and we have the most powerful tool available.

No movement of whatever kind can be created without ideas – this shows clearly in such movements as Marxism since Karl Marx formulated his ideas that led to the later Communist Revolutions. On a more spiritual level this was also the case with German National Socialism which did not arise (as with Marxism) overnight, but was the culmination of a host of ideas put forward by German (and English in the case of Houston Stuart Chamberlain) philosophers – Nietzsche and Wagner contributing a great part to this movement. We can see here how it is always ideas that start new movements, and that these ideas ‘germinate’ when their time is right – and not before.

Woden’s Folk may work in quite the same way,  and will take up a new role in this struggle. Its action now centres round creating ideas but also in bringing those ideas into fruition – through esoteric means. Again, this involves the idea that thought precedes any form of action; through the Power of Will that idea or thought is transformed into action on the physical plane.

A new idea is now being introduced into the equation, and this is that the Saxon Nation was made up of peoples of Aryan descent and was akin to the Armanen as a Spiritual Priesthood over the English Folk. This seems correct when we see their High God as Irmin or Arman, the High God of the Arya. We have thus switched our priorities to the Irminist Religion as an Inner Order but this does not mean that this has anything to do with the ideas of Karl Maria Wiligut and his form of ‘Irminism’ – rather we see this as being the All-Father in another form – the Sword-God. Ingwe was the Divine Ancestor of the Engel-Kin, and Irmin-Seaxnot the High God of the ruling Arya – the Æthelinga Caste. This makes sense when we see Ingwe as a God of Agriculture and also as Ingwe-Frey who was a fertility god. (These ideas are developed on the Saxon Heathen site). Frey ‘lost’ his sword, so the Warrior-God has to be seen as Seaxnot-Irmin.

Woden’s Folk will still act as the Spiritual Centre of Wodenism, and will point interested people in the direction of action and activity. The Wodenist Movement has no centralised structure any longer and has taken up what I once called The Folk-Way. This is a non-structured form that has individuals and groups working in independence of each other, working on their own initiative and towards the same aims and ideals. These have taken up the Woden Folk-Religion and the idea of spreading this amongst our Folk. When our ideas are ready, and only then, the whole thing can come together as a virile and young movement under the control of a leader-figure chosen by the Gods.

The second role of Woden’s Folk will be that of a Religious Order and in particularly a Teaching Order. This role will become more important as it develops, since it is designed to take our Folkish Religion into the future. What any revived and reconstructed religion needs is to educate and train into the Order, and thus ensure that the knowledge is passed on into the future. The publications will be designed to aid this process and these will be added to through future leaflets and other material, as well as working with other areas of the Woden Folk-Religion.