Wodenist Magazines

SWORD OF WAYLAND – This is the exoteric magazine of Wodenism which is published at the Summer Finding (March 21st) and the Winter Finding (September 21st). This covers the Woden Folk-Religion, the Folkish Movement, social issues, alternative life-style (Life-Reform), the back-to-the-land movement (Odal), and other interesting articles about the Wodenic Weltanshauung.

Subscribers to the magazines get 4 copies per year, the prices being available from Woden’s Folk. At this present time these are available to the United Kingdom alone but we are working on ways to get our distribution out to people in other areas of the world.

There are two methods that you can get the subscription forms from WF –

Send us an email asking for the subscription forms and we will send the forms back on a Microsoft Word file as an email attachment. You will need to print them out yourself. 

Send a letter asking for subscription forms enclosing 2 x second-class stamps. You should have your name and address on the letter. You will be sent the printed forms by return post.

Our magazines are A4 size and published and printed by ourselves because they are not a mass-production but are distributed to a small section of society whose interest is not that of the masses. This is also done for security reasons and so that we can get them out on time to our subscribers. This is done through a voluntary donated subscription since Woden’s Folk is a non-profit society. All donated subscriptions are ploughed back into the magazines and into leaflets that we shall be producing. Our subscriptions have not been raised for some years because we believe that people should be able to have an outlet for Wodenist Literature that is not produced for profit and gain. The content of our magazines is of a high quality which is what really matters.